Closed Loop Marketing

AcquiSearch closed-loop direct response marketing is an interactive one-to-one communication methodology. It is designed to initiate relationships at the earliest stage of your customer lifecycle and to supplement your current advertising, marketing, and deal sourcing initiatives.

Multi Channel Marketing Campaigns - We employ a confidential cross-media marketing strategy using direct mail, opt-in email, phone, and the web to identify prospects. Regular communication allows us to nurture and confidentially gauge mutual interest over time.

Landing Page Development - We create a personalized landing page for each prospect. We collect and store data from custom built surveys to categorize and prioritize for follow-up.

Survey Management – We conduct surveys to pre-qualify, educate prospects, and communicate with qualified companies delivering them to you when they’re prepared to act.

Prospect Relationship Management - We integrate and synchronize marketing events to manage contact history from a single source and deliver updated news and messaging.

Tracking, analytics and reporting - We generate detailed reports based on response to mail, opt-in email, and website activity to constantly refine messaging measure your ROI.